Special Mention List

Special Mention Total ( Since 2012 ): 823
Special Mention List
S.No. Raised Date Ministry Name Subject Status
1 12/12/2019 HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS Demand for a National Programme for providing Land Rights to slum dwellers Pending
2 12/12/2019 HOME AFFAIRS Starvation deaths in Tripura's Bru refugee Camps. Pending
3 12/12/2019 CIVIL AVIATION Demand to construct airport by developing Rasgovindpur airstrip in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Pending
4 12/12/2019 FINANCE Demand for inclusion of cess and surcharge in divisible pool under GST to benefit States. Pending
5 12/12/2019 DEFENCE Demand to establish a National Defence Academy in Darjeeling Hills. Pending
6 12/12/2019 HOME AFFAIRS Concern about the NRC implementation. Pending
7 12/12/2019 AGRICULTURE AND FARMERS WELFARE Demand to bring specific crops of Rajasthan under the Minimum Support Pricing system. Pending
8 12/12/2019 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Demand to take steps to increase youth participation in higher education. Pending
9 12/12/2019 RAILWAYS Demand to extend Railway network in Madhya Pradesh. Pending
10 12/12/2019 CULTURE Demand to declare Dhanuyatra of Odisha as a national festival. Pending
11 12/12/2019 JAL SHAKTI Demand for desilting of Bargi Dam on Narmada river. Pending
12 12/12/2019 LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT Demand to enact a legislation ensuring reasonable pay and dignified life for domestic workers. Pending
13 12/12/2019 TRIBAL AFFAIRS Demand to recognize the LOHAR caste of Bihar as ST. Pending
14 12/12/2019 CULTURE Demand for inclusion of Kannada in UNESCO's list of classical languages. Pending
15 12/12/2019 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Demand to take action against malpractices by Medical colleges and Hospitals for obtaining MCI recognition Pending
16 12/12/2019 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Demand for enforcement of reservation for SC/ST in IITs. Pending
17 12/12/2019 PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS Demand to release PDS quota of Kerosene to Chhattishgarh. Pending
18 10/12/2019 ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS Demand for all weather road for Bahadakhal-Allasu-Kunkuli and National Highway status for roads in Uttarakhand. Pending
19 10/12/2019 HOME AFFAIRS Demand to fill vacant posts in Police Forces and to undertake police reforms. Pending
20 10/12/2019 RURAL DEVELOPMENT Demand to release the MGNREGA Fund for Chhattisgarh. Pending